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Stray Kingdom

Stray Kingdom is an original experimental hard rock project written by Nick Garrett-Powell, first developed in the years 2010-2012. In 2020, there are still plans to master and release the music into the modern digital age.

When the members of the band Screenplay moved away from one another, some of the unused guitar parts began being salvaged for a new project under the name Stray Kingdom, and were intended for an EP release in 2011.

During this time, Nick joined The Fret Drifters, continuing to work on the Stray Kingdom EP while searching for musicians willing to perform the parts from the unreleased recordings. After casting the band from friends he met while playing in The Jamlanders, the first live band called Stray Kingdom debuted in 2011 at a battle of the bands. As the membership of the band fluctuated, new songs and recordings inspired the project to move in a new direction and focus on an LP release.

The LP "Infinite Shutdown" is currently in development hell, 90% complete. Fingers crossed for some 2020 content.

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