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Nick's Pedalboards

(Under Construction)


Main Pedalboard:

Most of my pedals were purchased so I could play both guitar and keyboard through the same signal chain in mono or stereo. The board is a Pedaltrain Pro with a Voodoo Power 2 Plus power supply.

Boss OC-3: Clean octave down on the low strings. I use this to generate bass sounds while playing regular thumb bass, and also to generate bass while looping.
Ernie Ball Volume Jr.: Modified by Kinnatone. Volume pedal. I use this to swell into my other effects.
Bad Horsie 2: My favorite wah pedal, the Steve Vai signature wah pedal. Best controlling wah, in my opinion.
Ibanez TS9DX: All the mods, including the JRC chp. Modded by Kinnatone.
TC Electronic Quintessence: Intelligent harmonizer with "mash" button for bending notes in harmony.
TC Electronic Flashback 2: A great delay pedal and short looper.
Electro-Harmonix Freeze: Modded by Kinnatone to have a remote trigger. Piano style sustain.
Line 6 Verbzilla: 24-bit reverb effects.
Digitech HT-6: One of my tuner pedals, polyphonic and uses blue LED's.

The Input Board:

This small pedal rig is used sometimes to expand my guitar sound by preceding the Main Pedalboard. The board is homemade from a cabinet door and the power supply is a Voodoo Power 2 Plus.

Boss-GEB-7: Used as my mandolin preamp, formerly for drum EQ.
Electro-Harmonix Micro-POG: Modded by Kinnatone. Polyphonic clean octave up or down.
Electro-Harmonix B9: Simulates a B3 organ.
MXR Dynacomp: Modded by Kinnatone. Used on my electric guitar, for clean rhythms, clean tapping, & chicken pickin'.


I just couldn't go the laptop route for looping. This 3 loop system is most of what I use to loop guitar and vocal.

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