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Nick Garrett-Powell

Solo Show

Nick Garrett-Powell is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Southern Oregon. Acclaimed as a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, lead guitarist, and vocalist, Nick becomes a one-man-band when he gigs as a solo act.

For many songs in his repertoire, Nick performs arrangements into a loop recorder in pieces live in front of the audience, allowing him to layer rhythm, bass, lead, and percussion all generated from the guitar and processed through his effects pedal set-up.  The result is a fully orchestrated sound that can cover as much sonic territory as a full band with drums and bass. Performing original music, cover arrangements, solo guitar instrumentals and his favorite of live "on-the-spot" song composition, many songs also employ the mandolin, melodica, jaw harp, foot drums and more.

Performing original and cover music using his unique guitar and vocal looping style, the years 2017-2021 have seen Nick's solo show become one of the most consistently booked and attended musical offerings in Southern Oregon. 

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