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Nick & Shae

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The dynamic duo of Shae Celine and Nick Garrett-Powell, two of Southern Oregon's most prolific vocalists perform harmony arrangements of pop music and original music. With a love of mash-ups and stylistic interpretations, the duo always pushes their limits by incorporating unexpected songs from genres new and old. 

Nick was watching her band The Rogue Suspects perform in 2010, and was invited to "sit in" and play guitar on the song Red House Blues. Nick thought he was going to sing lead vocal too, but was spellbound when Shae stepped up to the microphone.

In 2015, at Nick's and JD Berlingeri's "Guitar-B-Que" social event, Nick and Shae finally jammed Billie Jean together. The experience prompted the two to begin guesting at each others performances for a song or two until finally booking shows in 2017 as Nick&Shae. 

Now a seasoned duo with dozens of gigs behind them, they are focusing on recording a Christmas album for the 2020 holiday season.

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