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Alcyon Massive

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Alcyon Massive is the original music project of Charlie Blake, and is based in Southern Oregon. A self-produced recording artist his whole career, a live band was formed around him in 2017 to perform his recorded works. 

A life long friend of The Fret Drifters guitarist Andy Casad, Charlie invited us to perform at a festival series, utilizing Andy on electric guitar and inviting me to play the keyboards and sing harmony.


The current iteration of the live band features Chad Michael Sweeley on bass instruments, Jesse Ostreicher on drums, Nick Garrett-Powell on keys and harmony, Andy Casad on electric guitar and Charlie Blake on lead vocals and guitar. 

In 2020, the band collaborated to record the Alcyon Massive original "Prayers Up" in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Subsequent collaborations of original music by Alcyon Massive that feature original production by Nick Garrett-Powell include "Prayers Up," "5 Gramz," and "Sacred Groundz," released in 2020.

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